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MXit V5.0.8 BUG Fix Released

A bug fix version ( 5.0.8 ) of the MXit client has been released on 2007/01/29

The following bug has been fixed:

  1. Fixed the problem experienced by Samsung Z540/Z400 users, namely that messages are removed too quickly including newly arrived messages. This had the effect the messages were lost.

Naspers buys 30% of MXit

It was announced on Friday that Naspers acquired a chunk of the MXit Lifestyle Pty Ltd company.

No figures were mentioned.

What effect will this have on the MXit company?

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MXit PC Client – Beta

Seems like MXit V5.0.8 (bug fix release) is about to be released soon!

Update: MXitPc is released! –
Also, what’s new on is a new download link for “MXit PC Client”!

Read more here: MXit V5 for PC

MXit V5.0.7 bug fix version released

A bug fix version (5.0.7) of the MXit client has been released on 2007/01/03

The following bugs have been fixed:

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