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A Poem

Came across this poem about online chatting…

woke today and watched the sun rise, chatted to a guy but never saw his eyes
strangest thing what life has become, mxit’s controlling it in some
bonded now across valleys and oceans, mxit has bound us by only emotions
not a smile do we see or a hand do we touch, and yet of each we learn so much
has life become such that we need not have touch
we need not hear voices or genuine laughter, what is it actually we are all after
we treasure the friends we have not yet met,and the ones around us we seem to forget
we mxit from morning into the night, and never stop to wonder is mxit so right

– by luvkitten

It says: use it wisely, and don’t forget your real friends!

8 Mobile Google sites you didn’t know about

Google’s mobile products.

Suprize suprize, google has a little mobile portal that list its mobile products!


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Mobile Google Talk (GTalk / Gmail)

Google Talk and MXit work quite well together.
You can add a GTalk ( users to your MXit contacts to chat to them from your phone.
And similarly, you can add contacts to your GTalk contact list.

GoogleTalk account google talk logo

You can get a google talk account from or when you use GMail.


Occasionally, there are issues between Google and MXit.
Like, some gmail accounts don’t want to receive messages from MXit, but other accounts do. Like, I have two gmail accounts, the one works perfectly, the other doesn’t. Google are obviously fixing up their issues still.

I think that different GMail user accounts are being load balanced over different areas/ips. This means that some accounts have problems accessing the MXit servers.

* Request feature / problem to Gmail

Other Stuff

World first: Vote on Idols with MXit

Another great MXit Synergy:

Apparantly, you will be able to vote for the Idols singing competition via MXit.
idols logo za
This must be a world first, as I doubt any other competition has allowed for voting via Instant Messenger. As usual, South Africa is first when it comes to tech innovation.

Mxit will also become the official voting medium for talent search show “South African Idols” later this year.

Official – well, there will surely still be the SMS/phone call option of voting!

Idols Schedule / Times

The idols show on Mnet runs from Sunday 19 August – the first episode, up till the final on Sunday 9 December 2007.

Have fun!
And new: get MP3 Music Via Mxit even!

Mobile Music Downloads

MXit now allows you to download MP3s or songs or ringtones to your phone if it supports it!

Check out Tradepost on your MXit!