Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

  1. I would like to know if it is possible to retrieve someone elses password on your phone?

    No. Not very likely.

  2. i want mxit v5 on my pc help my please eny wone
    Check out on how to get MXit V5 on your pc.
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  4. hey man,wats up?ur site is very useful 2 me.but im trying 2 change my number with the v5 pc version and it doesnt work

    Hay! Cool man!
    Did u try checking
    I wrote some new stuff there the other week!

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  6. Hi
    I have a nokia 7250i i have v5 on it and it works but soetimes it just frezes can this be solved!
    Please help

    Hi, Indeed this is a problem on the phone.

    The 7250i has a bit of a bug in it.

    When your press a button AND are receiving data over gprs AND the screen is redrawing, the application will FREEZE. This happens on any application on the phone, Opera Mini too.
    It won’t freeze while you are busy typing a message in MXit, only in the graphical screens.

    The only way to not have the application freeze is to try to not press buttons unncessarily on the menu/message screens.

    * Namely, don’t scroll over all your contacts using UP and DOWN. Rather user 3 and 9 to page up and down.
    * Also, use RIGHT or SIX to go into a contact and send a message.
    * And lastly, if you press UP or DOWN and there is a slight lag, don’t press another button quickly, there is probably data being transferred at that moment, and it might freeze.

    Basically, go UP and DOWN slowly, or use 3 and 9 rather.

    * Also, don’t press buttons while u are logging in and the contact list is appearing and the contacts’ status are busy changing, wait for everything to settle down (say 4 seconds), then move around.
    *And don’t press buttons when you expect that you are about to receive a message OR a user’s status is about go online or offline.

    With these guidelines, I don’t get a freeze/phone lockup on my 7250i 🙂

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  8. hi!
    i seriously need you help!!
    I live in England and I need to know how to add contacts who are from South Africa using mxit on mpowerplayer.
    Do i need to put in 0027 or +27 or just put in the number without country code??
    thanx alot!

    Well, to add someone on MXit to your contacts you need to know their login number. So it’s usually in the form e.g. 2782xxxxxxx, else try 082xxxxxx for example for South Africans.
    Even if they use MXit on the computer on MPowerPlayer, you need to know what they logged in with. They can tell you their MXit login number by going to Options->Profile in MXit, wherever they are using MXit.
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  10. how do u use google talk to connect to mxit im in uk nd i really need it man to contact my peepz itz much cheaper

    You can’t use google talk to login to MXit, but you can add MXit contacts to your google talk account.

    Ask them what’s their login number, then you can add them like so, e.g. to your GTalk.

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  12. I have Samsung E530 and I simply cannot download mxit version5 I tried forum help even more but nothing seems to help can you please help me.

    That’s strange, what happens? Can you visit from your Samsung E530? If not, can you visit other pages like on your phone?

    Once you are on the site, proceed to download MXit to your phone.
    Then, can you connect after you open the application from your Games/Java World/Applications menu on your E530?

    1. On your phone, go to "Menu" – "Settings" – "Connection settings"

    2. Scroll down to your phone’s default internet profile (the profile selected above)
    3. Press "Options"
    4. Select "Edit"
    5. Scroll down to the "Proxy" setting
    6. Select "deactived" (There must be no tick mark)
    7. EXTRA STEP YOU COULD TRY IF IT STILL DOES NOT WORK: Make sure that the DNS has a check mark in the box next to it otherwise it might not work!
    8. Save the GPRS profile.

    If you still have connection problems or keep getting disconnected:

    Try this:

    1. Go to "Menu" – "Applications" – "Java world" – "Settings"

    2. Select the correct internet profile for use on your network (the same profile as selected above) and select "activate":
      • If you’re on Vodacom: Select "Internet.GPRS", "Vodacom" or "Vodacom4me"
      • If you’re on MTN: Select "MTN GPRS"
      • If you’re on Cell-C: Select "Smartdata"
      • If you’re on Virgin Mobile: Select "WAP-GPRS" or "virgin_web"
  13. Hi I found out someone has ‘hacked’ into my account and I am sure its someone i know and have as a contact.Is there anyway how i can find the person’s number so that i can check who has been using my mxit.I changed my pin so its not happening anymore but I need to know who it was.
    ‘hacked’? Cracked?
    Unlikely, unless they guessed your password. (Was it something too easy like 0000 or 1234?)

    Sorry, there is no way to determine who logged into your account. The information about whose number is used to login to MXit is never sent from the phone. So your number never leaves your phone, unless its through a phone call or SMS.

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  15. omg….some1 hacked into my mxit an changed everythin,i need help to find out who it was????any suggestions?????

    That sucks. Next time use a better password.
    It’s probably someone that knows you/your number.

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Nokia APN / Proxy settings

Some of the Nokia models require additional settings
Do the following:
1. Select menu
2. Select Settings
3. Select Configuration
4. Select Personal Configuration Settings
5. Select Add or Add New
6. Select Access point
Account name call it MXit APN
7. Go back to Personal configuration settings
8. Select the new Access Point called MXit APN
9. Set as Preferred Access Point and activate in all applications
10. Go back to Personal configuration settings
11. Select the new Access Point called MXit APN
12. Select Access point settings
13. Select Bearer settings
14. Enter User name: mxit
15. Enter Password: mxit
16. Verify Password: mxit
17. Now start MXit from your Applications – Collections
18. When MXit opens ALLOW Network Access Select YES
19. Web Settings should now show MXit APN (The one you just created)

* When you downloaded MXit, do not run it immediately (if prompted).
Exit (close) the WAP session you opened to download, or reboot the phone.
It is similar to installing a new application on a PC, you need to reboot.