Change number (or password)

Change Number OR Logging Out MPowerPlayer

Mpowerplayer let’s you clear your “game settings”, so you can clear your username and password that is remembered by MPowerplayer!
Click : File -> Clear Game Settings in MpowerPlayer when you have MXit open.

Change your number on MXit on PC – info here.

If you have more than one phone or simcard, and want to use MPowerPlayer and MXit with different numbers or registrations, def ZA will show you how.
Or if you changed your password on your phone and now want to change your password on MXit PC.


MXit Version 5 Switch Number

If you want to login with a different number/user follow these instructions.

You can change your number on MXit 5 via MPowerPlayer by doing the following:

  1. Download MXit from from your PC. (You will save a .jad file to your computer)
  2. Open the .jad file with Notepad.
  3. Change this line:
    MIDlet-1: MXit,/icon.png,MXit
    to something like:
    MIDlet-1: MXitDEF,/icon.png,MXit
    which makes MPowerPlayer think it is a new program/MXit and won’t remember your login number.
  4. Save the .jad file you just changed in Notepad (File->Save).
  5. Open the .jad in MPowerPlayer (File->Open).

You will have to do this change everytime you want to use that number you associated with MXitDEF. Beause the .jar link in the .jad expires after a while.
You don’t have to use the word MXitDEF, you can use any word. Just make it the same everytime.

Combine this change with the one in V5 – Method 2 here and you won’t have to make any changes everytime you want to run MXit V5 with a different login / cellnumber / changed password.

MXit Version 3 Switch Number

A) Nice: Download this .jad file: def’s mxitk.jad.
You must save it in the SAME directory as the mxitk.jar you downloaded!

Then, open the .jad file with MPowerPlayer and you can use another cell number (or password) to login to MXit!


B) Slow:
This will re-download MXit everytime.
Click here to run MXit on computer with another registration.


Save, then open this file with MPowerPlayer –

Another MXit jad file for a third number should you need it. One for CellC, MTN and Vodacom maybe?