MXit PC / Computer

NEW!: The latest PC client from MXit is MXit Evo: MXit Evo PC

Run it now from your browser even:

How to Run MXit on Computer

Easiest way here

Version 5.9.8:
-> Start MXit 5.9.8, alternatively this one.

——— OTHER WAYS ————-

MXit Version 5 on PC

V5 – Method 1 – Slow

  1. Go to and click Download.
  2. Click Select Phone and choose the Nokia N95.
  3. When you click Download at the end of all the questions it will give a .jad file to save.
    Save this .jad file to your computer.
  4. Open your MPowerPlayer program then click File->Open and then choose the .jad you just downloaded.

All Done. Enjoy MixItIng!
With this method you will have to download MXit V5 from their site everytime because the .jad/.jar files expire on the MXit servers.

V5 – Method 2 – Fast

If you don’t want to download MXit V5 everytime you run it you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the .jad file in Notepad. (The one you get in Method 1 above)
  2. Then download the file specified in it next to “MIDlet-Jar-URL: ”
    (Copy paste that URL into your internet browser; for example:
  3. Then, change the “MIDlet-Jar-URL: ” line in notepad to just have the XXXXXX.jar part in it. (for example “MIDlet-Jar-URL: 4195495727f67.jar”.
  4. Then have the .jar you downloaded and the .jad in the same directory, and open the .jad file in MPowerPlayer.

V5 – Method 3

(This method is not always working)

  1. Go to or download the package here:
  2. Click Download MXit, click PC Client and
    answer the questions (next…, Select your country, Type code displayed), Select a version Normal
  3. You must then save the .zip file that downloads when you click “Normal” or “Trusted”.
  4. Extract or open the .zip that you just downloaded.
  5. In the .zip is two files. One will be a .exe (like 2316473951452f5U.exe)

  6. Open/Run the .exe

This is one of the easiest ways to run MXit Version 5 on the pc.

It uses Kwyshell’s Midp Emulator to run MXit on the computer. Which you don’t need to download seperately. As it’s already packaged in the MXit .exe.

MXit Version 3 on PC

If you are desperate to use any MXit, you can still use the previous MXit V3.0 .jar!

V3 – Method 1

This won’t really work anymore.
Download this MXit jad to your computer and Open it with MPowerPlayer!

V3 – Method 2 – Easiest

Note: This method downloads MXit V3 file everytime you run it.

This doesn’t work anymore.

Just click here
MXit V3 – MPowerPlayer Quick Start Link
MXit V3 – MPowerPlayer Quick Start Link – Slower.