Mobile note taking using GTalk/Gmail and MXit or Twitter

Take notes or create a todo list using your mobile phone in your GMail! This is MXit–>GMail storage!

Summary of what you need

1) MXit installed on your phone. (Or any other mobile chat program.)

2) A Google Talk Google Mail (GMail) or Google Account.

3) Add yourself to your own account. E.g. Add your MXit to your GTalk or your GTalk ID to your MXit.

4) Send yourself notes/todo items (messages) from your MXit to your GTalk Contact and they will be saved in your Gmail inbox!

Details of what to do

1) You can use the MXit program for your phone. (Free) Or any mobile chat application for your phone that can add GTalk/GMail/Jabber contacts to your friends list. MXit is easier to use: one click to run from your phone and you are logging in already and ready to save notes and MXit supports adding/talking to Jabber/GTalk contacts.

1a) On MXit (your phone), add your own GTalk email address/username to your friends. You will get an invitation from on GTalk.

2) On you GTalk account, you will get the invitation from your MXit contact (yourself). Accept the invitation. If you didn’t, you could also add your MXit number that you registered on MXit with to your contacts in GTalk in the format (e.g.

3) Now you can send yourself messages on MXit while you are out and about and you will have the messages saved in your GMail! Saved and searchable from your email account!

If you are offline on GMail, you will get the messages in an email, so you can send yourself messages anytime.
Make sure you have Chat History enabled on your GMail (Settings->Chat-> * Save chat history in my Gmail account- your chats will be saved under “Chats” in your Gmail account)
Advanced: You can even setup a filter in GMail and have all your “notes” you send yourself automatically put in one place/label.


Well, this is great for your personal private notes because they aren’t publically viewable.


The other new trend is which lets you post messages (which you can use as your notes) from your IM (Like GTalk or MXit). They appear publically on your page, here’s mine: – Not used by me actually, because the messages have to be shorter that 140 characters!

1. Log in to Twitter.
2. Click on the Settings link in the top navigation bar.
3. Click on the Phone & IM link.
4. Click to verify your IM account.  That should do it!

Add to your MXit or GTalk contacts and verify your account and then update your status whereever you are!
To use MXit to Twitter, add Twittr by going to Menu->Contacts->Add contact->Jabber: Jabber ID:, Nickname: Twitter:: then Accept to add twitter updates to your MXit.

In Closing

So, you can send yourself messages/todo notes to save from your MXit–>GMail, or MXit–>Twitter, or GTalk–>Twitter.

Advanced Note: Whereever I used the word MXit or GTalk, you can use the word Jabber. As a jabber account will have the same effect.

Add Twitter to Facebook to the mix, and you have three great networks that you can use almost interchangably. I’d like to see more collaboration between the three.
In other words, send a message from your MXit, to your Twitter, which gets posted to your Facebook. Two birds with one… message.

Also, Remember, Google Calendar is available from your mobile phone too! Schedule your diary from your mobile now too!

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    LoneWolf December 23rd, 2007

    Hi, I’ve tried using mxit for twitter but im having a bit of a problem and im hoping you can help me.
    In twitter, after i click the “phone & im” tab, i set up mxit by adding to the IM area and make it a jabber contact. The problem comes on the next screen when asked to verify the account. It says “Click to verify your account:“. When I click this i get a “firefox doesn’t know how to open this address, because the protocol (xmpp) isn’t associated with any program” error in firefox. I’ve tried using IE but it jus loads an error page when i click verify.
    Any suggestions on how to solve this problem? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Hay, You clicked on the link – which tries to open the application associated with xmpp: protocol! Which, unless you associated with Pidgin/Gaim or something, won’t work!
    You must click on the button in the page saying “verify” or something, not that “” part!

    At this moment, can be added to your MXit, but it won’t be able to communicate because external connections to MXit aren’t allowed at the moment!

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