MXit setting up more offices in Mauritius

Browsing around the site I found the career section: Work4Mxit

Quite a few jobs available at MXit Lifestyle, with this

Based location : Mauritius

standing out.

Looks like MXit is opening up shop in Mauritius?
Mauritius Flag

Reasons? Maybe it’s the closest place that has reasonably priced bandwidth.

Would I go to mauritius? Yes, when it’s not cyclone season 🙂

MXit is growing and growing so this has brought on a change.

We will now have MXit SA (South Africa) and MXit International.
So no need to worry, our roots are firmly planeted in the ground and MXit SA is not going anywhere except up!

Without giving too much away, Mauritius would be where the head offices would be located for MXit International and MXit SA will remain in Stellenbosch.

Glenn – MXit Forum Master

What does this mean to the users?

Nothing will change! MXit, the mobile phone application, will still work from everywhere and anywhere!
MXit is just getting bigger to give a better service behind the scenes.

Some of the jobs available at MXit

Java Engineers:
Network Specialists:
C# Engineers:
BSD Specialist:
C/C++ Engineers:
Fashion Designers:
MXit would like to speak to people in the fashion industry, designers and other people with experience in this industry.
Jabber/ Erlang Specialists:

Project Manager
Windows Mobile
Product Manager
Database Specialist
J2EE Developer
Windows System Administrator
.Net Developer
Unix Sysytem Administrator
J2ME Developer
Network and Security Specialist
ERLANG Developer

Interested? Check out the work for MXit page here:Work4Mxit for more information. And let them know sent you.

5 Responses to “MXit setting up more offices in Mauritius

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    bobo June 27th, 2007

    yeap you got everything right. BTW the offices are ready just waiting for work4MXit to be fill. Offices are at cyber tower A, Ebene Mauritius.

  • 2
    admin July 1st, 2007

    Hay bobo,

    How do you know all this 🙂
    You live in mauritius? Or were you involved in the building?


  • 3
    bobo July 2nd, 2007

    hello again,
    in fact it just happen that I know people who know people etc…
    I got the info and just wanted to share it on your forum. All info are 100% true. Just wait few days and you’ll hear MXit announce it officially.

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    vani January 9th, 2008

    hey there people..
    i am totally interested to work for the MXit company in mauritius.. just don’t know hoe to contact them yet!! i have studied in UCT and we worked on a thesis on MXit..would really like someone here in mauritus to have a look at it and maybe offer me a job locally!! thing is seems like they looking for computer programmers only..while i have studied Marketing..but anyway please give me any more info you people might get..;)

    Hay, Check out or
    Check out this Work for MXit page: – there’s a non programmers job open that actually recommends some marketing degree 🙂
    Go for it!


    As Brand Champion, you will be responsible for developing and flawlessly executing of online viral marketing strategies and marketing initiatives for MXit Lifestyle to grow and maintain the brand globally. Do you have a knowledge of marketing principals and practices … are you a self-starter mentality and have excellent team skills, as well as a passion for the youth market (teens especially).

    Key Responsibilities

    1) Create and maintain internal and external enthusiasm for the MXit brand and products globally.
    2) Develop compelling positioning objectives for MXit
    3) Lead and effectively execute online brand awareness initiatives and market research.
    4) Effectively interface with product development, business development, vendors, partners and customers as an inspirational evangelist for the brand
    5) Conduct market research, category, trend and competitive analysis to identify compelling new product opportunities
    6) Conduct timely analysis of competitor’s initiatives and execute effective reaction tactics

    Qualifications and Experience

    1) Formal qualification not a prerequisite – Marketing graduate ideal
    2) Superior verbal and written communication skills are critical for this position
    3) Experience with in the mobile industry is a plus
    4) Must be a self starter with energy, strong work ethic, drive and determination to accomplish goals
    5) Demonstrated the ability to multi-task in previous work environments and be able to set priorities, stay focused, and set clear milestones
    6) 2 + years of business experience in a consumer-driven company an advantage

    Personal Qualities

    1) Creative, creative, creative!
    2) Dynamic
    3) Motivated
    4) Young … or young at heart! Must be in tune with the youth in Brazil.
    5) Ability to learn technical nature of the business
    6) Confident
    7) Great communicator

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    MR January 6th, 2010

    btw, its already closed

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