General Mobile Questions

  1. i need to browse the www on my fone but cannot. i have been using opera mini 2 but when updating to current version 3. it messed up everything i had including links or bookmarks to favorite sites. is version 2 still available? i wanna download it. thanx in advance

    Try choosing the “generic” version to download from! Or download Opera Mini 3 again, cause they sometimes have new updates or fixes! Even try using the “update” application option if your phone has such a thing.

  2. I have a Nokia 6111 and been having problems getting on mxit and opera mini. Both downloaded fine but wont work. Opera mini says problem connecting, might b network setup but Vodacom says not. Mxit loads but stays on connecting and dont go 2 log in. So very much want 2 use applications. PLEASE HELP.

    Some of these Nokia models require additional settings
    Try the following:
    1. Select menu
    2. Select Settings
    3. Select Configuration
    4. Select Personal Configuration Settings
    5. Select Add or Add New
    6. Select Access point
    Account name call it MXit APN
    7. Go back to Personal configuration settings
    8. Select the new Access Point called MXit APN
    9. Set as Preferred Access Point and activate in all applications
    10. Go back to Personal configuration settings
    11. Select the new Access Point called MXit APN
    12. Select Access point settings
    13. Select Bearer settings
    14. Enter User name: mxit
    15. Enter Password: mxit
    16. Verify Password: mxit
    17. Now start MXit from your Applications – Collections
    18. When MXit opens ALLOW Network Access Select YES
    19. Web Settings should now show MXit APN (The one you just created)

    When you downloaded MXit or Opera Mini, do not run it immediately (if prompted).
    Exit (close) the WAP session you opened to download, or reboot (switch off and on) the phone.
    It is similar to installing a new application on a PC, you sometimes need to reboot.