And they chatted happily ever after

Found a hilarious piece on the internet about a fictional “MXit wedding” taking place!
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History was made this weekend with the first ever couple to get married on mxit. The marriage between Badboyzn and MrsBadboyzn formerly known as Sexygirlzn took place at Durban12. It was a small affair, only seven per room, with some quite famous handles invited for the wedding. Amongst the guests where:

and R()T!(H!C|{

The affair was not your usual glamorous wedding, simply incorporating their love for mxit and each other. The bride as is seen with most Indian weddings logged on half an hour later than planned after which the ceremony started. Drama ensued when badboyzn left the room without a “brb” during the all important “I do”. Rumours ran wild that the groom had second thoughts and could not go through with the ceremony, some saying the lack of picture swopping being the main reason. Luckily for Sexygirlzn, Badboyzn was not about to leave his allegedly beautiful bride at the alter, logging back just minutes later claiming he DC’ed.

Shortly after the ceremony the throwing of the (f) commenced with R()T!(H!C|{ catching the bouquet, much to the chagrin of |34D|30Y-zn who just invited her to go private.

As the newly married couple prepared to leave for their honeymoon Almost News was allowed a few questions. On there first meeting, it was agreed that it was love at first sentence, “He had me at asl, it was da way he sed it dat really stood out from the rest, n wen he askd me to go pvt after dat, I just knew he was da 1”. When questioned on destination, they replied in unison “JHB 23”. MrsBadboyzn then added “ We herd frm a lot of our fwends dat JHB 23 has lot of fwendwy ppl n we both hope to make lot of nu contacts.”

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