Danny K on MXit Celebrity Chat Weekend

Danny K This is my time album

Greetings Communicators,

Have we got some news for you…

The MXit_Team is bringing you Danny K.
Yup, that is right!

Keep watching the MXit Splashscreens as well as the Dynamic Zones for more news and info..


Cool, Danny K! He seems to work hard at his thing!

You can get his music videos, some songs, pics and contact him on his MySpace profile -> myspace.com/dannykmusic.
He’s even on Facebook!

He has a song with Mandoza too, who was on MXit Celebrity chat last time.
You can find the Mandoza transcript (chat they had) here -> Mandoza on MXit.
I’m sure they will release the Danny K Chat too! Watch this space! And watch the MXit Forum, and MXit Splashscreens (at startup) in MXit.

And there should be some DannyK MXit skins happening soon too!


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