MultiMX – new in MXit V5.3

MXit version 5.3 is coming soon to a phone near you 😉
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What’s new in V5.3?

  • MultiMX (pronounced Multi Mix) – is MXit’s new group chatroom!
    So you can invite your contacts to join you in a private Group Chat for free!

Some info on MultiMX

1. The room is temporary (gets deleted after you logout)
2. Can only invite people from your contact list (roster) that are online.
3. Only the creator of the room can invite people to join.

All phones can join in a MultiMx chat session! (but just a few can’t create/invite)

Group broadcast (multi send)

This has been free since MXit V5.2.
In other words, are you tired of typing the same thing to all your contacts? MXit allows you to send the same message to everyone in a “group” in MXit. (Menu -> Contacts -> Add/Move to group)

Here’s what groups look like in MXit – groups really help to organize your contacts:
(TIP: Your most popular/spoken to contact can be left groupless so that it’s always on top)
MXit contact groups screenshot main menu
So you choose the group name and press GroupBroadcast Write and it will send the message to up to 10 contacts in that group!

MultiMX simplified

Basically if you want to chat to more than one of your contacts/friends at a time and you can all talk together at the same time and see what everyone is saying (chat room like), MultiMX will help!
It is aimed at being a quick, spur of the moment conversation between a couple of people.

– If you log out or deletes the contact, that counts as leaving the MultiMx.
– Google Talk or MSN Messenger contacts cannot be part of a MultiMx yet, this feature will still be added.

Also, check out “Tradepost” on MXit for more chat rooms where you can chat to more than just your friends list! Tradepost chat rooms work on any phone and you can invite anyone to join your chats!

MXit V 5.3 will also have some new bug fixes!

6 Responses to “MultiMX – new in MXit V5.3

  • 1
    Quintus October 14th, 2007

    MY phone and others i have asked all say that when they try to create it says MulitMX is unavaidable please try again later.
    And it has done it ever since it came out.
    Ah, MultiMX had a bit of a problem this weekend! It should be back in action now! Thanks for the heads up 😉 What phone do you use?

  • 2
    Nini October 15th, 2007

    Its the coolest to keep away boardem

  • 3
    Maymoena October 19th, 2007

    Hi there
    Im looking for any assistance, the idiot company I work for asked me to do research on Mxit like the Stats and stuff, for advertising. But the I.T department blocked the Mxit website and many others related to mxit except this Blog,and wont open it for me. If anyone can help me get the contact details of the Mxit marketing department or something. Pleeze…..

    Check out for their business site!
    Or this site if you can’t access their main site: MXit Business Community Contact Page

  • 4
    joy November 14th, 2007

    can some1 plz e-mail me the JAVA exe. program coz I Cant download it…plz….@ halandi07@h0tmail

  • 5
    sabelo March 11th, 2010

    wow its greit and nice

  • 6
    Dylan May 24th, 2010

    mixt is the coolest

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