MXit 5.4.1 released today

MXit V5.4.1 is out today!

A new version (5.4.1) of the MXit mobile client has been released.

This is a bugfix release that does not add new functionality.

The following bugs have been fixed:

1. File send (upload) speed has been improved significantly.
2. Minimum PIN length when registering has been changed to 7 digits.
3. The Alerts profiles have been extended so that markup and vibes can be enabled / disable on a per profile case. This would allow people to protect themselves from getting spammed with vibes in e.g. chatrooms by for example putting all the chatrooms in a group, disabling vibes and markup for a specific profile (e.g. silent), and assigning that profile to the group
4. Popup menu now displays items correctly in all cases (previously it was sometimes incorrectly scrolled down when shown for the first time)
5. Indonesian language support has been added.
6. The default progress icon has been updated a bit (has MXit text inside)
7. Sony Ericsson K700 and Motorola V360, V3 and V3i versions have been updated so that they use less memory. The default skin that is used for those version has also been simplified.
8. Fixed the issue with custom emoticon packs going missing (when deleting pack and adding new one)
9. Voice recorder for Nokia 6233 (and other Series 40 3rd Ed SP1 & SP2 phones now works correctly)
10. Samsung U700: Pressing left arrow in Name field of save messages screen does not freeze app anymore.
11. Skins with names that are longer than 23 characters can now be activated (again).
12. Camera is now disabled for Nokia E60 (since E60 does not have camera support)
13. Stylus support is now enabled for all v5.4 handsets
14. Save messages (to gallery) feature has been improved: big messages are now saved correctly and color markup (#RRGGBB) is not saved unnecessarily anymore.

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