MXit V5.0.5 Released (New BUG Fix’s)

A bug fix version (5.0.5) of the MXit client has been released on 2006/11/03

The following enhancements (new features) have been made/added:

  • Added ‘hide offline contacts’ option
  • A closed group now changes color when a contact in the group changes presence status.
  • Camera settings are now persistent.
  • Added confirmation screen for reject file link
  • New progress dialog for files that are retrieved from the gallery.
  • Maximum alias (contact name) length is now 48 characters

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Nokia 7650: MXit not starting
  • Sony Ericsson W810i: When writing a message it starts in all caps mode
  • Ensure that pin contain digits only when updating profile or registering
  • The month in the message timestamp is shown incorrectly when message is older than a day
  • Nokia 5200: Freezes when different sounds are played too soon after each other
  • Motorola V220/C650: Sounds only playing once
  • View splash on MIDP 1.0 Nokia phones (3510i, 6610, 6220, 7250i) and
    Sony Ericsson T610/T630 needed too much dynamic memory and has been removed
  • Sony Ericsson K750i: Receiving a msg while camera control is active blanks screen
  • Nokia N80: Cannot go up and then down to a different branch when accessing the file system
  • Logout with broken connection logs in again
  • Motorola: Group menu not accessible
  • Scrollbar not completely erased when opening and closing groups
  • Popup menu changed heading to ‘Options’
  • Nokia 6680: smiley cutoff
  • Sony Ericsson K700: all sounds not playing properly
  • Motorola V600: Skin downloads successfully, but cannot be stored because there is
    not enough space on the file system.
  • Folder icon shown for MSN DND presence
  • Samsung D500: Sending SMS not working
  • Scrolling now wraps properly when going up in the ‘Set presence’ screen.
  • Fixed scrolling in System info screen.
  • Skin panel colors are now instantiated for panel specific colors
  • Skin popup selection bar textAnchor is now initialised to left center
  • Skin selection bar now adjusts to size of image tile (if bigger) and tries to fit in
    available space.
  • Various skin memory usage optimisations

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