MXit Version 5.0.3 Released (Bug fixes)

A bug fix version (5.0.3) of the MXit client has been released on 2006/10/03

The Developers have managed to squash many bugs and it results in V5.0.3

Some of the fixes are as follows:

  • Selectable links not working for phones with file access disabled.
  • Camera issues with Nokia 6680, N70.
  • Skin command bar colors not correct.
  • Optimise skin loading code to use less memory.
  • Fall back to default skin if installed skin did not work.
  • msisdn normalisation not done correctly. (International users mainly)
  • Update pin too short error message during registration.
  • Samsung D500: Selectable links sending wrong value.
  • Skins should always be opened when received.
  • Fixed skin colours.
  • 12×12 smiley strip does not have smileys in the correct position.
  • Removed form and command support for mxitp category to fix OutOfMemoryException when phone compiles jar.
  • Changed max services name length to be longer.
  • Added configurable colors for the scrollbar shadow and the popup window shadow.
  • If the popup window shadow start and end colors are 0 then the popup window is not drawn at all.
  • Added camera support for Nokia 3650/N-Gage series.

  • 3 soft button phones (nokia) now has the select option as middle (default) button and write as left button when a link is selected.

And that’s that people.

Hope it fixed some of your MXit problems!

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