8 Mobile Google sites you didn’t know about

Google’s mobile products.

Suprize suprize, google has a little mobile portal that list its mobile products!



– Look for your country specific portal here:

Google Mobile Countries

– I like to use the m.gmail.com page when checking my email quickly on a computer without having to load the full javascript interface of gmail.

I heard that Google’s UK/London offices do mobile development work for Google mostly.
Because “Europe is ahead of the US by light years when it comes to wireless technology.” — Nikesh Arora, VP of European operations
also said mobile engineering will play a key part in the London labs’ future, as will developing localised products. [1]
So, if UK is ahead of US, and SA (South Africa) is ahead of UK [2], then that makes South Africa way ahead of the USA.

– Check out this page for more Mobile Google stuff: list-of-all-google-mobile-products-including-blackberry-and-sms


The real best mobile portal…

Actually, wap.defza.com is the ultimate mobile phone portal 🙂

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