Mobile Google Talk (GTalk / Gmail)

Google Talk and MXit work quite well together.
You can add a GTalk ( users to your MXit contacts to chat to them from your phone.
And similarly, you can add contacts to your GTalk contact list.

GoogleTalk account google talk logo

You can get a google talk account from or when you use GMail.


Occasionally, there are issues between Google and MXit.
Like, some gmail accounts don’t want to receive messages from MXit, but other accounts do. Like, I have two gmail accounts, the one works perfectly, the other doesn’t. Google are obviously fixing up their issues still.

I think that different GMail user accounts are being load balanced over different areas/ips. This means that some accounts have problems accessing the MXit servers.

* Request feature / problem to Gmail

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    SJ November 14th, 2007

    Yes the problem lies with google, and they will adapt to a small south african outfit.

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    Skittle November 21st, 2007

    Im not so sure mxit is entirely innocent, on their website forum theres various complaints by some very technical people who blame mxit for the bad service.

    Its definately true that gmail and mxits connection goes offline at least once a day, in gtalk it would say “” is offline and cannot receive messages right now.

    That error or 404, recipient cannot be reached always comes up.

    Well, the way I see it is this:
    The MXit service is working. i.e. it’s not broken and nothing has changed.
    Therefore if the Google/MXit link is broken, the problem is elsewhere.
    The problem is Telkom. They own the international link between South Africa and everywhere else (e.g. America).
    So their line must be bad.

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    Skittle November 21st, 2007

    Mobile Google Talk

    Speaking of google talk theres also mobile google talk, that means you can chat from mxit to gmail and vice versa using phones 🙂

    Give it a try: Download the app at:

    Theres Various Options:
    Skittle Skittle Standard: Similar to the Official Gtalk Client
    Skittle Group Chat: Allows you to create a group chat from your phone
    Skittle Service: Allows you to create an automated service reply from your mobile

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