MXit – Exploding growth

How many users does MXit currently have?

Mxit just reached the 5 million users mark! (Wed, Aug 15, 2007)

Some MXit Facts

  • About nine million log-ons per day.
  • Over 200 million messages sent per day.
  • Between eight and 12 thousand new registrations per day.

In the last 24 hours, MXit has added just over 1,000 new international users!

* MXit is a free mobile instant messaging solution
* The service provides low cost text based communication to mobile users

* 200 million messages are sent per day

* The application is downloaded to the user’s cell phone free of charge. The user is then able to send and receive short text messages over the Internet at a very low cost, on both cell phones and personal computers.
* Swist Group Technologies (Pty) Ltd was formed in 1995 and is a major shareholder of MXit Lifestyle.
* In April 2004, the business unit of MXit Lifestyle (formerly Clockspeed Mobile) was separated from Swist Group to form a new company.
* Naspers acquired a 30% stake in MXit in January 2007.

And with the release of MXit Version 5.2, and all its new features, these figures are going to explode!

Just verifying that South Africa is the top country in the world 😉
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    45664 August 20th, 2007

    well we can’t be too sure as to whether the mxit team is really telling the truth cause from our recent research MXit is not as famous or big as the MXit says. What i’m simply saying is that we shouldn’t always belive what we here.
    Why would they lie?
    They are an honest company.

    And their figures are accurate.
    What recent research do you have? What is the truth then?

    When I was there in July 2006, they hit the 1 million user mark.

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