MXit or Java on Samsung BlackJack i600 or Windows Mobile Pocket PC

The Samsung BlackJack doesn’t come with Java (J2ME/JME/MIDP/JAR/JAD) installed on it. So you can’t just download MXit or Opera Mini or any other Java apps to a Samsung i600.

Samsung BlackJack i600 Windows Mobile

But there is a way around.
You first need to install a Java MIDP emulator on your Samsung BlackJack device; usually called the JVM. Then you will be able to download any Java JAR/JAD program from your phone’s internet browser. After you have a Java Emulator for your Windows Mobile device, you can go to the mxit wap site and download the Samsung -> “Other” version. It will now work.

Here are the details

    First get the Java Virtual Machine MIDP emulator.

  1. Go to
  2. In the search box type IBM MIDP and search (GO).
  3. In the results page click the “IBM MIDP 2.0 Java Emulator” (Link) item.
  4. Proceed to download. (It’s free; +-2.5MB size) You can choose any location when they ask you for the “download location”.
  5. Here are some direct download links if you can’t get it from SoftPedia: Link0 or Link1 or Link2 or Link3.

  6. Install it etc.
  7. Now you will be able to go to on your Samsung i600 and download the Samsung “Other” version to your phone.

For the part where you have to download the JVM to your phone: You can either download it straight to your phone from its browser (internet) OR you can first download it to your computer and then upload it to your Samsung if you have the PC data cable for it. ActiveSync is the software to upload to your PocketPC.

There might be no sound when running it on the Samsung BlackJack unfortunately.

Have fun.

How a user (Reboot) got it to work

Got mxit to work on the samsung i600 blackjack.
* I installed the IBM JVM on the phone.

* Then downloaded the mxit jad (phone: Samsung; model: Other) file to my pc from
* Then sent it to my phone (under a mxit folder in My Documents).
* Then open the JVM emulator on your phone and go to Install. URL: file:///My Documents/mxit/*****.jad (***** is the jad file name, don’t really use stars here! Use the file’s name!) and mxit gets installed.

It’s a basic mxit (the Other version), so no sound and no skins supported.

Softkeys / buttons not working

Some people report their buttons not working on their Samsung using the IBM java emulator. (Even in Opera Mini)
There isn’t really a solution for it yet.
You can try checking if there is a newer version of the IBM Java emulator on; or try different versions of MXit (or whatever program you are trying to run).

Crashing or shutting down problem

Seems that the sound support on the IBM emulator for the i600/windows mobile is not working very well; it crashes the program.

So turn sounds off to solve the problem for now.

to all the people who got mxit to work on the i600 and get into mxit, but it shuts down as soon as you get a message…here is what you do, disable the sounds on incoming messages….thats in my instructions i send to the people who want to get mxit to work on their phones. thanks for all the feedback, im gettin tons of emails on how to get mxit to work on the i600, but on some peoples it won’t work, or doesn’t work…i assume that this has got to do with the network provider settings….sorry guyz.
keep on mxin!!!
ciao, thejuannes

Losing Connection

hi…i got mxit 2 work on my i600, i can log in fine and everything but the prob is that while im on it doesnt shut down but instead my network keeps disconnecting, starts off with G, the the H and E but soon after it goes away and im stuck on mxit with no G or anything and then gotta relog, how can i fiz this? so that it stays connected??…..

Disabling your phone’s 3G may solve this problem. Please do the following to disable your phone’s 3G:

1. On your phone, go to “Menu” – “Settings” – “Phone” – “Band Select”
2. From the list of available options, select “GSM”

Once you have done that, please turn your phone off, turn it on again and then try MXit again.

This also happens to me but only at night time ore where the 3G and H signals arend stable. During the day i have no problem with mxit. and it also depends where I am at the time (agen only at night).

i cant get mxit on my i600 because it is not listed so can sum1 plz tell me how 2 get it!

To get MXit working on your phone, please do the following:

First you’ll have to get a JVM for your phone:

  1. Open your phone’s default wap browser.
  2. Go to

    (If that URL doesn’t work, please go to )
  3. Download the IBM MIDP 2.0 Java Emulator
  4. Once the download has completed, install the IBM MIDP 2.0 Java Emulator on your phone

Then you’ll need to download a suitable version of MXit:

  1. Open your phone’s default wap browser
  2. Go to
  3. Select “Download MXit”
  4. Select “Other phone”
  5. Select “Samsung” and press “Accept”
  6. Select “Other” and press “Accept”
  7. Follow the remaining on-screen steps to download MXit.
  8. Once the download has completed, return to your phone’s standby screen

Do the following to run MXit:

  1. Open the IBM MIDP 2.0 Java Emulator
  2. Select MXit from the list of available applications

Last resorts

You could try this Java VM:

Mysaifu JVM is a Java Virtual Machine which runs on Windows Mobile.
It is a free software…
Project objective is make a Java Virtual Machine which conforms to the J2SE(Java2 Standard Edition).
The following operating systems are supported by latest version of this JVM.
Windows Mobile 5.0
Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition software for Pocket PC (Pocket PC 2003 SE)
Windows Mobile 2003 software for Pocket PC (Pocket PC 2003)

MXit Forum Discussion on i600


With a HTC MTeoR the sequence is:
1. Settings
2. Phone
3. Band Select
4. GSM

This should switch the phone to GSM only mode.
b.t.w. The i-Mate / HTC phones do not have much extra java APIs (no file access, no sending of SMS, no access to the camera from within Java), so basically the only extra feature will be the ability to download skins.

34 Responses to “MXit or Java on Samsung BlackJack i600 or Windows Mobile Pocket PC

  • 1
    GOSHT June 12th, 2007

    We done everything just like you said. But no luck
    message This device error
    Hay, at what part does it give this error message?
    Try using the Samsung “Other” download from MXit?

  • 2
    GOSHT June 15th, 2007

    he went in at mxit and answer all the question they asked him , and at the point were he must select “normal” the only selection to make
    The reply came back .

  • 3
    Touf June 15th, 2007


    done everything,

    what i find is that when i go str8 to the .jad file in my docs it launches via the emulator…

    BUT… i only get as far as the 1st screen cos it looks like the softkeys dont do anything

    pls help…

    Hay, Try downloading a different version from the MXit site? Did you try the Samsung -> Other version?

  • 4
    vieter June 20th, 2007

    Thank you so much for the advice, mxit is running smoothly on my i600 now, however I have some problems with the gmail app (the button options they give doesn’t work) would appreciate if you have some ideas.

  • 5
    GOSHT June 21st, 2007

    We done everything as i said. But when we want to download mxit. we answer all the questions and at one time they asked to select “normal” that is the only selection to make. What must we do
    Choose “normal” to download. Normal means a normal download not an encrypted download. “Normal” is the best option to choose.

  • 6
    Michael Cass June 21st, 2007

    Thanks for your help! I managed to get it working with the above instructions without any hiccups!

  • 7
    Mia June 24th, 2007

    Hi, pls help. I’m totally lost! I tried to download
    and tried ur links, with no success. Just get a msg that says “updated a minute ago” and it goes back to the original screen.

    Then, if I try to download mxit, I answered all the questions. At phones, it tried all the samsung versions mentioned on the forum as well as the generic option. Then the region, type the code given.

    Only gives “Normal” version to select… then the error msg reads: “This file cannot be viewed on the device”.
    The downloading “Normal” part won’t work unless you have the Java Emulator installed!

    Try downloading the IBM MIDP Java Emulator to your PC first then upload it to your phone with the cable or bluetooth or whatever method you use.

  • 8
    maanie June 28th, 2007

    hey i got it to work tru jvm any want that want it can email me on and ill send it to u

  • 9
    Samsung introduceert de SGH-i600 WM Smartphone - Page 3 - Pocketinfo forum June 29th, 2007

    […] hier:…tor%20V2.3.CAB of hier: (directe download links) The Un-official MXit Site Blog Archive MXit or Java on Samsung BlackJack i600 or Windows Mobile Zo kan je bijvoorbeeld gmail client op je i600 draaien of AFT (sms’en voor 1cent per bericht via […]

  • 10
    neetin June 30th, 2007

    hi .. I have downloaded IBM JVM.

    Then I downloaded the mxit jad (phone: Samsung; model: Other) file to my pc from
    * Then sent it to my phone (under a mxit folder in My Documents).

    Then I opened the mxit jad on your phone and go to Install. entered the url of the midlet like URL: file:///My Documents/mxit/*****.jad (***** is the jad file name) — THEN It GIVES ME AN EXCEPTION ERROR OCCURED

    PLEASE GUIDE ME IF IM DOING IT WRONG. Yoll said open jvm emulator for url bit that is installed .. how u do it..Please help.
    Make sure you are NOT using “*” (stars) as the file name! Replace that with the actual file name. Might sound weird, but it can happen.

  • 11
    Jake July 2nd, 2007

    Hey, i rally want mxit to work on my i600, but im gettin lots of bad luck. i do everything you mention above, but when i have to enter my url add thing i do what you said above, it either says its not valid or it says an exception error occurred. please help me, thanx a lot for the other help. jake

  • 12
    microfoneman July 6th, 2007

    everytime i do exactly what your instructions are, i launch it from teh IBM JVM, and where there is normall writing there are blocks, no matter what language i download it in. can anyone help…

  • 13
    francois July 6th, 2007

    hey. could anyone tell me what the .jad file is?
    The .jad file is the file you get when you download mxit from;
    Most programs for you cellphone have a .jad extension to start it up. You will see it when you try to download a mobile application on your computer.
    When your phone opens a .jad, it knows where to get the MXit program. It has the same location as the .jad, just with a .jar extension.

  • 14
    mk July 30th, 2007

    After I finish all the installation required, come the registration time and it looks like it’s hanged. Reaching the meter’s full bar, it just stops there. What should I do? Thanks

  • 15
    TJ July 30th, 2007

    Hey, got Mxit to work on my samsung i600. But the display and resolution looks bad. A bit blurred my legible.
    I download the “Samsung Other version of MXIT” from the mxit website.

    Anyone got any “prettier” results by using different Samsung Model selection. Would appreciate a a list.

  • 16
      MXit or Java on Samsung BlackJack i600 or Windows Mobile by August 6th, 2007

    […] phone’s internet browser. After you have a Java Emulator for … article continues at admin brought to you by gambling and […]

  • 17
    buks August 6th, 2007

    to switch of 3g and hsdpa temporarely to have a more stable connection, dial *#1546792*# select option 3 then option 5 and change the setting to gsm, this option also doubles the battery life cuz hsdpa drains ur battery life faster

  • 18
    johnus August 14th, 2007

    Um, the blackjack DOES come with java/j2me/midp 2 support built-in. look at the java app in your applications folder in the start menu. durrr.

  • 19
    TheWire August 16th, 2007

    To johnus

    There is a big difference between the i600 and blackjack.
    The i600 does not come with a JVM. Your blackjack probably
    does not have the front camera or wifi.

  • 20
    visionman August 17th, 2007


    How do I get version 5.2 to work on my samsung i600?I am a freestyler
    What happens when you open the link you get via Tradepost?
    If that doesn’t work, you gonna have to download it via your PC if possibly using an emulator and then upload it to your phone.
    Else you will have to wait until it becomes downloadable for everyone.

  • 21
    johnus August 19th, 2007

    Yeah, I have an i607, not the i600. Front camera sure would be nice for when Cingluar/ATT comes out with their video sharing feature this fall.

  • 22
    dbanj September 4th, 2007

    i need the driver for the samsung black jack i600

  • 23
    Oleg September 19th, 2007

    Hi guys,

    IBM MIDP cannot be installed on Windows Mobile 6.0.

    Do you have any more ideas?
    Maybe any other Java Virtual Machines?….
    I can’t find anything(((
    Read above for some random recommendations!

  • 24
    Ian November 6th, 2007

    I have downloaded the IBM MIDP but am not sure how to install it on my i600. when I run the setup file it gives me a whole lot of jumbled script. Where do I access the emulator on the phone if it is correctly installed. Thanks!

  • 25
    jennifer November 16th, 2007

    please give me the website to download mxit on my E250 samsung phone

    ————– or

  • 26
    Susan December 26th, 2007

    i have a samsung f210 when i try and down load mxit it gives me an error unsupported file format?

    Please could you give me advice on how to fix this problem?



    Even though the Samsung F210 supports Java (like MXit), it unfortunately can’t download Java applications. Therefore, to install MXit on your phone, you’ll need to do the following:

    1. Get a microSD (TransFlash) memory card
    2. Put the memory card into a phone which can download Java applications
    3. Use that phone to download MXit version 3 for the Samsung X600 onto the memory card.
    4. When the download has completed, remove the memory card from the other phone
    5. Insert the memory card into your phone
    6. Try running MXit from your phone’s applications menu.

    This phone has the same problem as the SGH X830.

    Please download version 3 as version 5 will give you a validation error.

    Check out for more help – specifically watch this page: Samsung F210 MXit

  • 27
    Keisha January 14th, 2008

    Hi am keisha! I using SGH J750 Sumsang.I’ve been tyring to download the mxit in my phone,but it refuses. i dont understand why?

  • 28
    ryan January 23rd, 2008

    plz help me……………
    i have an samsung i600 with that wi-fi….
    I downloaded from handhald.softpedia that java aplication but wen i wana install it , it installs unsecsesfully

    plz help me…………………………………………
    Not sure, try download it again, maybe it corrupted!

  • 29
    Thinus January 25th, 2008

    I have a general question which nobody can assist:
    How do I send saved mxit messages from my NOkia 6600 to my PC – the option is there for normal Mxit users to be send to but not to my gmail account


  • 30
    harold January 27th, 2008

    helo!!! k, i downloaded the emulator… but it seems like the samsung ‘other’ download link is broken… can anybody send me the file…? tnx

  • 31
    Nash February 7th, 2008

    file:///MyDocuments/mxit/*****.jad ***** it saiz you have to put in jad file name. Can someone tell me what is the actual files name

  • 32
    mohloki March 5th, 2008

    i have installed the IBM emulator and downloaded the mig33beta.jad file when i load the file it says “The application descriptor contained an ivalid jar location” what should i do guys?

  • 33
    plerons March 6th, 2008

    Hi when trying to install the IBM JVM my phone replies that the .cab installation was unsuccessful. How do I get past this?

  • 34
    plerons March 8th, 2008

    Do you know where I can find a working ROM update for the i600?

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