MXit V5.0.7 bug fix version released

A bug fix version (5.0.7) of the MXit client has been released on 2007/01/03

The following bugs have been fixed:

  1. Selectable link memory leak fixed.
    This fixes various symptoms (cannot download images, app crashing) experienced when sending a lot of messages to services like gallery/tradepost that makes use of selectable links.
  2. The correct domain ( is now added when adding a Google Talk contact.
  3. Minor splash screen fixes
  4. Fixed add contact / edit contact issues on Sony Ericsson K750 (and possibly Motorola V300)
  5. Subscription requests on Nokia 6600 (and related phones) can now be put in a group.
  6. Freezing problems on Nokia 3650 and Nokia N70 has been addressed (to an extent)

5 Responses to “MXit V5.0.7 bug fix version released

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    ronz January 9th, 2007

    samsung z400 works but after a while it starts deleting conversations i am having and when i get a message it shows blank.any help?v5.0.6 worked fine but v5.0.7 seems to have a bug

    def says:

    Hi Ron,
    I posted this to the MXit forum @ -> Samsung -> Z400 and informed the MXit_team.

    I’ll post the reply here when it gets fixed!

    Thanks for the report!

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    admin January 29th, 2007

    Ok, it has been fixed in MXit V5.0.8!


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    Vex March 24th, 2007

    Hey, do u know how to edit mxit. I know its illigel. Or if not, do u kn0w how to create a program like mxit using java
    Hi Vex,

    Yeah, I do know how to create a program like MXit. The easy part it making it, and using it for yourself and a few people.
    The work comes in when you make it available for millions of people. Servers, security, maintainance, finance.

    There are other MXit like applications, you can find a list here: MXit Alternatives (other MXits).

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    Iris August 2nd, 2007

    HELP!!!! Would someone please help me, I’ve been mxit(less) for almost a month cuz my new phone wont take it… Samsung x830. is there ANYTHING i can do? 🙁

    The Samsung x830… mm.. doesn’t allow you to download any applications!
    If Samsung make a software upgrade for it, yes, then you will be able to. You have to send your phone to Samsung or your network provider to do that.

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    Pieer October 12th, 2007

    *edit* X830 is KAK *edit*!!! *edit*.. they bring out F210 2 days ago but wont even try to release a firmware update for this phone..

    once again *edit* you samsung.. you piels!!!

    this site is great. thanks

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