MXit V5.0.8 BUG Fix Released

A bug fix version ( 5.0.8 ) of the MXit client has been released on 2007/01/29

The following bug has been fixed:

  1. Fixed the problem experienced by Samsung Z540/Z400 users, namely that messages are removed too quickly including newly arrived messages. This had the effect the messages were lost.

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    altaaf January 30th, 2007


    I am one of mxits biggest fan and i would LOVE to become a Moderator and i would also LOVE to know how to install mxit on my PC plaese help me!!!
    That’s awesome!
    A moderator where though?
    I would like someone to help me on this site though. Just to post some latest news, create new guides, answer questions, help people, clean up the site/make it user friendly. It probably won’t happen though; But there are so many people who are “bored” at home with nothing to do.

    How to install MXint on your PC? That info is on this site!

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