Naspers buys 30% of MXit

It was announced on Friday that Naspers acquired a chunk of the MXit Lifestyle Pty Ltd company.

No figures were mentioned.

What effect will this have on the MXit company?

It should allow them to improve and grow and have access to more resources.

The Naspers network is huge.

Naspers also has a large stake in the massively popular instant messenger in Asia, QQ by Tecent. – Herman Heunis, MXit Founder and CEO
This is a quote from a radio interview transcript which makes available for free. It was about the recent purchase by Naspers.

MONEYWEB: Tell us about the synergies – what role will Naspers be playing?

HERMAN HEUNIS: Well, obviously they’re a major media group with quite a global footprint, and obviously we hope to get some assistance there to roll it out internationally. In South Africa we hope to get some of their content onto MXit and make it more attractive to our users.

Stay tuned to to find out more.

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    Your Group of Web AddiCT(s); April 15th, 2007

    Yeigo meet MXit, MXit meet Yeigo…

    Just before a VeloCITI session at the Bandwidth barn Your Web AddiCT bumped into the Quirkstars chatting to the Yeigo team.
    The Yeigo Blog smells of  gottaQuirk. I presume Quirk are managing Yeigo’s online everything?
    We’ve saved on text m…

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    oznesinc January 24th, 2008

    My cuzins fone got stolen last week.And de idiot who stole it just logged on to mxit.Now U know that even if de original simcard is not being used,de fone will log on.So I jus wantd to know if its possible to locate de person who stole de fone via de GPRS network.PLZ help.
    If they haven’t changed your password yet, change your MXit password by logging in to your MXit with another phone and changing your password! Else, get a simswap from your network provider! Then you can request your password from MXit via SMS!

    To locate the- the network providers can do that!
    If you are on Vodacom you can use this trick – signup for or if you can- and they’ll show your SIM cards’ location on a map!

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