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MXit 5.4.1 released today

MXit V5.4.1 is out today!

A new version (5.4.1) of the MXit mobile client has been released.

This is a bugfix release that does not add new functionality.

The following bugs have been fixed:
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MXit on CellC – Free for now

Well well well, it seems CellC is not charging for data usage (GPRS) for using MXit now!
Nice Christmas present for 2007 hay 🙂

cellc logo

That’s awesome, and is sure to attract of a lot of new customers, well done CellC on actually listening to… me 😀

So if you are on CellC, MXit won’t cost you any GPRS/internet costs!
MXit Moola is NOT free though 😉 Those premium SMSs will still cost ya if you want to purchase Moola to enter competitions or use cool entertainment services on MXit’s Tradepost.

Thanks Cell C for the free internet for MXit!
And the free weekend calls for 2 hours 😉

CellC Free SMS @

Lee-Anne Liebenberg on MXit Celeb Chat

Lee-Anne LiebenbergDanny K‘s Girlfriend is coming to a MXit near you…

Greetings Communicators,

Guys, and some girls, have we got some news for you…

The MXit_Team is bringing you Lee-Ann Liebenberg.

Yup, that is right!

You will have the chance to chat with Lee-Ann on Thursday afternoon 13th December 2007 from 4pm – 6pm.

You will find Lee-Ann in the Celebrity Zone in her very own room.

See you there…


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MXit 5.4 New Version Released

MXIt 5.4, or 54 as it’s become known has been released today 6 December 2007!

You read it here first!

So go and get it at on your phone now!

MXit 5.4 Logo

MXit – the Ultimate Chat for your phone!

MXit Lifestyle brings you MXit V5.4

Version 5.4 Features

1. Select Contact For Content

From Tradepost or Gallery you can now select content e.g. wallpapers, mood cards, etc., which can be sent directly to your contacts. So easy or what!

2. Inline Images

Allows small thumbnail images to appear as part of the text conversations.

3. Audio Recording

The ability to record audio snippets up to 60 seconds, that can be sent as files to your contacts. Now we’re talking!

4. Emoticon Packs

This feature allows for the downloading and transfer of emoticon packs which can be sent to your MXit friends. Share the love!

5. MXit Vibes

You know have the ability to send vibes to your contacts which will prompt their mobile phone to vibrate. Rad or what! Vibes can be played even if their message alert vibration is switched off. However, the disable vibe prompt, allows you to toggle between switching your vibes off and on.

6. Scroll To Unread Message

For your convenience, when opening a contact screen, this feature will ensure that the conversation scrolls to the first unread message.

7. Transfer Files In The Background

Sending and receiving skinz, cards, images and audio files is now done in the background by displaying a progress bar within the conversation screen itself.

8. Emoticon Screen Heading

Added a heading for the emoticon screen that has a one word describing your emoticon image i.e. Excited, Happy, etc.

9. Invite Improvements

When a MXit user adds a contact, you can now include an invitation message, to be viewed by the Mxiteer receiving the invite.

10. Alert Profiles

Updated the alert system so that each set of alerts is grouped in a profile, either as General, Meeting or Silent. A profile can then be assigned to apply to an entire group, or to a single contact. You can also select a custom sound, from the mobile phones memory or file system to be used as an alert – if your mobile supports file access.

11. MXit Markup (Format text)

Now you can format your text message with bold, underline, italics and creating your own selectable link. Makes it so much easier to get your point across.

12. Scalable Vector Graphics File Support

Added support to play scalable vector graphics. What is SVG? It’s an XML specification and file format for describing two-dimensional vector graphics.

14. Phone support for V5.4

Due to the large number of features that have been added for this release, support has been dropped for a number of older and low end mobile phones.

Therefore V5.4 will only be supported on the following handsets:


KG920 KE970 KE850 KE600


3230 3250 6234 6270 6280 6630 6670 6680 7610 6620 N90 N70 9500 9300

6260 6600 6230i 9300i 6111 6233 7380 E60 E61 E70 N71 N80 N91 5200

5300 5500 6085 6125 6131 6136 6151 6288 7373 7390 8800 E50 E62 N93

N95 N72 N73 6133 6300 6086 6290 N76 N75 N77 E65 8600 5700 3110 6110 6110 Navigator


M65 CX65 S65 SK65 CFX65 SL65 EL71 EF81 S88

Sony Ericsson

K700 K800 P900 P910i V600i K600 K750 D750i W800 Z1010 Z520 W550 K300 F500 S700

K500 K510 W300 K750 W900 W810 V800 Z800 K610 M600i P990i V630 W850 Z610 K320i

K550i K810 W880 K790 Z710 Z550 W710 K618 Z558 W610 W830 P990 W580 W660 W200i


V300 V360 V400 V500 V550 V600 V620 V80 V1050 K1 V6 PEBL SLVR V635 V3 V3i E1000

V360v RAZR Z3 V547 E770v V980 V535 ROKR ROKR V3xx KRZR W510 SLVR RIZR ROKR


D820 D830 D600 E250 ZV10 ZV30 E530 Z500 Z540 E720 E860 S100 P850 X820 Z140 Z400

D900 E900 I320 I750 Z560 ZV40 ZV50 E830 U600 U700 P910




s310 S620 S710 MTeoR P3300 P3400 P4350 TyTN

If your mobile does not support V5.4, continue with prompts to download previous version.



AND MORE OTHER PHONES! Check the wap site for details: