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Buy MXit Moola from any Sim

People ask how do you buy moola for a number that you are using for MXit, if you don’t have that number’s actual simcard?

Well now you can!

Insert ANY SIM card into your phone and buy Moola via Tradepost and the Moola will still be allocated to the current MXit Profile loaded onto the phone.

So, if you are using MXit on your phone, and the number that is registered on your MXit profile (see Menu->Settings->Profile: Cell number:) is not the same as the SIM card/phone number that the phone is using, you can Buy Moola via Tradepost!

Tradepost is a contact on MXit that you can talk to to buy services and stuff.

How does it work? The number in your MXit profile is sent with the SMS somehow when you use Tradepost*, and then the Moola is added to the number in the SMS instead of the number the SMS comes from.

MXit setting up more offices in Mauritius

Browsing around the site I found the career section: Work4Mxit

Quite a few jobs available at MXit Lifestyle, with this

Based location : Mauritius

standing out.

Looks like MXit is opening up shop in Mauritius?
Mauritius Flag
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Naspers buys 30% of MXit

It was announced on Friday that Naspers acquired a chunk of the MXit Lifestyle Pty Ltd company.

No figures were mentioned.

What effect will this have on the MXit company?

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