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MXit PC – The official PC Client!

MXit for your computer is officially here!

Download it from

MXit on PC with the phone emulator is still handy though – as you get to see the real original MXit version for your mobile on your PC! And you can understand what it would feel like to have it on your phone!

But for those who don’t have a phone – the new official MXit PC will provide you the fun you are looking for! 🙂

MPowerPlayer failed update to V5

mxit doesnt load anymore in the mpowerplayer. java downloaded a new version of mpowerplayer and when i click on the mxit, it says that a problem occured. please help!!!

Indeed, MPowerPlayer tried to change to MXit V5 on the MPowerPlayer catalogue, which does not work.
(When you run MPowerPlayer and go through the games/applications list and choose MXit)

* Read here how to get it working on your computer again ->

The simplest way (to use MXit Version 3) is to use this link:

MXit PC Client – Beta

Seems like MXit V5.0.8 (bug fix release) is about to be released soon!

Update: MXitPc is released! –
Also, what’s new on is a new download link for “MXit PC Client”!

Read more here: MXit V5 for PC