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Mobile Google Talk (GTalk / Gmail)

Google Talk and MXit work quite well together.
You can add a GTalk ( users to your MXit contacts to chat to them from your phone.
And similarly, you can add contacts to your GTalk contact list.

GoogleTalk account google talk logo

You can get a google talk account from or when you use GMail.


Occasionally, there are issues between Google and MXit.
Like, some gmail accounts don’t want to receive messages from MXit, but other accounts do. Like, I have two gmail accounts, the one works perfectly, the other doesn’t. Google are obviously fixing up their issues still.

I think that different GMail user accounts are being load balanced over different areas/ips. This means that some accounts have problems accessing the MXit servers.

* Request feature / problem to Gmail

Other Stuff

LG Electronics Phones Settings

LG Logo

Just some information on using programs on your LG, like MXit the instant messenger (chat iow).

Follow these steps to setup MXit on your LG KG800 Chocolate:

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Nokia – Mobile Internet Settings

On some Nokia‘s you might have a problem using some Java apps – specifically with their internet connection.

If you are, you can always try this fix which is used for the MXit app for your phone:

Some of these Nokia models require additional settings
Do the following:
Select menu
2. Select Settings
3. Select Configuration
4. Select Personal Configuration Settings
5. Select Add or Add New
6. Select Access point
Account name call it MXit APN
7. Go back to Personal configuration settings
8. Select the new Access Point called MXit APN
9. Set as Preferred Access Point and activate in all applications
10. Go back to Personal configuration settings
11. Select the new Access Point called MXit APN
12. Select Access point settings
13. Select Bearer settings
14. Enter User name: mxit
15. Enter Password: mxit
16. Verify Password: mxit
17. Now start MXit from your Applications – Collections
18. When MXit opens ALLOW Network Access Select YES
19. Web Settings should now show MXit APN (The one you just created)
When you downloaded MXit, do not run it immediately (if prompted).
Exit (close) the WAP session you opened to download, or reboot the phone.
It is similar to installing a new application on a PC, you need to reboot.

Connect to Internet via Bluetooth with Nokia

This is a page about connecting to the Internet with your Nokia Mobile using Bluetooth.
Bluetooth Dongle usb

hey david,i got a problem,and vodacom doesnt seem to help,ok da situation is for me to hook up my pc to internet using my fone as a modem and connect it via bluetooth,now i need a step by step guide,like wat program on windows xp to open and wat i must enter in da boxes and all that,pls can u enlighten me?

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MPowerPlayer failed update to V5

mxit doesnt load anymore in the mpowerplayer. java downloaded a new version of mpowerplayer and when i click on the mxit, it says that a problem occured. please help!!!

Indeed, MPowerPlayer tried to change to MXit V5 on the MPowerPlayer catalogue, which does not work.
(When you run MPowerPlayer and go through the games/applications list and choose MXit)

* Read here how to get it working on your computer again ->

The simplest way (to use MXit Version 3) is to use this link: